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Gender Dimensions of the Extractive Industries

Adriana Eftimie

Katherine Heller

John Strongman

This publication explores how men and women are differently impacted by the extractive industries, and the implications of this on the sustainable development of their communities, as well as on the profitability of extractive industry operations themselves.


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Gender Equality In The Extractive Industries In Africa


UN Women


This a Policy brief on women participation in the extractives industries in Africa.

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Gender and The Extractive Industries: Putting Gender on The Corporate Agenda

Christina Hill

Chris Madden

Maria Ezpeleta

This paper presents the case for extractive industry companies to take off the gender blindfold and work towards gender equality and the realisation of women's rights. It also describes the role of a company gender policy and gender impact assessment in achieving better outcomes for the women, men, girls and boys in those communities affected by extractive projects. The paper includes some case studies that demonstrate the risks to companies of ignoring gender issues.


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Strategies for Mainstreaming Gender in the Extractives Industries.

The World Bank Group 

The paper explores strategies for mainstreaming gender in extractives industries for companies, civil society and government.


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