Mining Sector Institutions

This section contains information on the mining sector players in Kenya.

No. Stakeholder Role/ Functions


Ministry of Mining

"The Ministry of Mining undertakes various functions aimed at enhancing the growth of the mining sector in the country as guided by the Executive Order No. 2 of 2013.
Previously, mining activities in the country were handled by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources through the Mines and Geology Department.

The following departments exist within the ministry:

• Directorate of Mineral Management and Regulations;
• Directorate of Geological Surveys;
• Directorate of Mineral Promotion and Value Addition;
• Directorate of Mine Health, Safety and Environment;
• Directorate of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing;
• Directorate of Corporate Affairs;
• Geo-data Centre and Minerals Certification Laboratory;
• Mineral Audit Agency;
• Policy, Strategy, Research, Legal, And Capacity Building;

The mandate of the Ministry includes:

• Mineral Exploration and Mining Policy and Management;
• Inventory and Mapping of Mineral Resources;
• Mining and Minerals Development;
• Policies on the Management of Quarrying and Mining of Rocks and Industrial Minerals E.g. Limestone, Building Stone, Clay, Gemstones, Cement, Sand, Coal etc.;
• Management of Health Conditions and Health and Safety in Mines;
• Policy around Extractive Industry;
• Resources Survey and Remote Sensing;
• Maintenance of Geological Data (Research, Collection, Collation, Analysis);




Kenya Chamber of Mines

The Kenya Chamber of Mines was formed in 2000 to represent the interests of Kenya's miners, exploration companies and mineral traders. KCM also seeks to associate these interests with national and local community interests (such as the objectives of Vision 2030), and to involve other stakeholders in order to ensure that these interests do not cause harm to the environment and the communities.



Haki Madini

Haki Madini Kenya (HMK) is a community centred coalition that brings together communities in and around mining areas, civil society organisations, faith-based organisations and individuals engaging in the extractive industry with the primary aim of promoting responsible stewardship of extractive resources.


The objectives of the coalition as highlighted within the strategic plan are;

• To influence policy, legal and institutional framework development and implementation to ensure that community interests are secured
• To create a critical mass of informed and organised local communities (women, men, youth) engaging meaningfully in and benefitting from the extractive sector
• To demand corporate accountability and responsibility by the investing company in the extractive sector
• To engender the extractive sector in Kenya through women socio-economic empowerment and safeguarding of women's rights
• To create a credible, strong and knowledge-driven network capable of responding to emerging issues in the extractive sector


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