Mpumalanga Women in Mining launched

Mpumalanga Women in Mining launched
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With the increasing number of woman in mining more attention needs to be paid to either safety, wellness and general working conditions.

At the moment regulations are inadequate for their safety and well-being.

Women in Mining is not just employment but an important transformation agenda to reverse the historical exclusion of women in the mining industry. The Mining Charter and the Employment Equity are some of the progressive transformation legislation post 1994.

Women in Mining urge companies to join and do good in this transformation agenda not only to tick the box but to create a conducive working environment for women. Transformation cannot triumph without the emancipation of women.

The Launch of Mpumalanga Women in Mining which took place on August 3 at Witbank Civic Centre was a symbolic and very important event in the history of Mpumalanga.

The Mpumalanga Women in Mining (MWiM) seek to empower and develop women based in Mpumalanga on the Mining Sector, from skills development, progressive development of women SMMEs and mentorship program.

Integrating women in mining into the workforce, not only as a career, but also to thrive in the mining profession, with this creating and encouraging a conducive environment where women licence holders can be able to operate through partnerships and expand business operations.

The Launch was supported and sponsored by MQA, WesCoal, Exxaro, South32, IDC, Amestra Holdings and DRA Global.

The vision of MWiM is to see increase number of women in the management level and the environment made conducive for women to operate in the mining sector.

Their mission is nurturing the talent and skills of women in mining and the youth aspiring to enter the field of mining.

Source: Witbank News

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