Nigeria Launches Online Mining Cadastre System

December 20, 2022by Geoffrey Kerecha

The country’s new digital cadastre system will promote efficiency, and transparency and will be accessible to investors throughout the world. (Image source: Geospatial World)

By: Meenal Dhande

The Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office (MCO) has launched a new Online Mining Cadastre System based on GAF’s eMC+ framework. The new system will connect the six newly-established zonal offices in six geopolitical zones with the headquarters in Abuja and ensure efficient and transparent management of the mining sector in Nigeria.

Through this cadastre system, investors will be provided with the possibility to submit applications; they’ll also be able to track the processing. The general public will also benefit from access to cadastral information in real time.

The online mining cadastre system is based on GAF AG’s eMC+ (electronic Mining Cadastre+), which facilitates the administration and management of mineral titles by ensuring information transparency and accessibility. GAF is an e-GEOS, Telespazio company based in Munich, Germany.

The company provides mining cadastre authorities worldwide with a complete package of consulting services and software tailored to the specific requirements of the cadastre domain. The system is designed to increase institutional capacities and efficiency by delivering a comprehensive mineral tenure management solution.

“Nigeria now has a cadastre system that is efficient, non-discretionary, transparent, and accessible to investors worldwide. Several strategic investments have been made in developing digitized platforms and technology infrastructure to support digital systems for mining sector governance,” said Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President of Nigeria, at the launch ceremony.

The Director General MCO, Engr Simon Nkom, explained that the purpose of the online platform is to grant all existing investors and prospects from any part of the world access to their information online and in real-time via laptops and phones.

He further added that the country would be able to increase its revenue generation as a result of the new cadastre system upgrade. He stated, “the system will encourage foreign investment in the sector. More people will be able to see transparency, and Nigeria will benefit from these aspects in terms of more significant revenue generation.

The upgraded cadastre system is implemented as part of the “Mineral Sector Support for Economic Diversification Project – MINDIVER,” financed by a World Bank credit from the International Development Association (IDA). The contract for “Upgrading and Automatization of the Mining Cadastre Office for Online Applications, e-recording, Archiving and Establishment of Mining Cadastre Offices in the Six Geopolitical Zones” was signed by GAF in September 2018.

Source: Geospatial World

Geoffrey Kerecha