This Policy Brief identifies key constraints that face SMEs, with possible policy considerations that can help strengthen their engagement in the fast-transitioning and time-bound oil and gas sector. The Brief draws on existing research and highlights from the High-Level Policy Dialogue held on 21st June 2019 at Strathmore University as part of the East Africa SME Training in Oil and Gas.

This Policy Brief collates evidence on specific gaps that hinder SME participation in the fast-transitioning oil and gas sector in Uganda. The Brief highlights policy considerations that can help bridge those gaps and scale up SME businesses to regional and global value chains. The brief mainly draws on existing research to inform policy dialogue on how Uganda ought to strengthen private sector engagement in the oil and gas sector.

This paper lays down the state of play of SMEs in the petroleum sector in Kenya and Uganda. Notably, the paper interrogates, among others, supportive policy and legislative frameworks, key constraints to SME growth and participation in the oil and gas sector, and how Kenya and Uganda ought to strengthen SMEs in order to promote in-country value addition.

This Brief seeks to provide an overview of the extractives sector, its attendant grievances and existing judicial and non-judicial grievance handling mechanisms. It should be noted that the Judiciary Guide which forms the basis of this Brief does not seek to prescribe any preferred or appropriate mechanism for addressing existing and emerging grievances in the sector, but to provide a detailed guidance to aid the Judiciary in addressing these grievances.

The process towards the development of this Guide commenced with a Listening Project on “Tracing and Documenting Grievances and Grievance Handling Mechanisms in the Oil and Gas Sector in Kenya: Experiences from Turkana County” conducted by the Extractives Baraza.

Research findings following a field study to identify and document extractives related grievances, preferred grievance handling mechanisms. The project, conducted between June to August 2018 in Turkana County, was an expansion of the Extractives Baraza’s Pilot Listening Project conducted in April 2017 in Mui Basin, a coal rich region in Kitui County. The findings generated through this research informed the Judiciary Training on Extractives on 5th-9th November 2018, and the Judiciary Guide and Community fact sheet respectively.