Community Engagement and Participation

This page contains information resources and tools on community engagement and participation in the extractives sector

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Stakeholder Engagement in Kenya's Extractive Sector: Principles & Pointers

Institute for Human Rights and Business And Institute for Law and Environmental Governance

This report was developed by IHRB and ILEG drawing from the discussions and subsequent input from ESF participants. It is intended to help support both companies and communities in improving their engagement around extractive sector issues and projects in Kenya.


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Community Protocols Toolbox


Natural Justice

The Toolbox provides participatory tools that can be used during meetings, information on protocols in the context of extractive industries, and information about where relevant national and international laws can be found to support the legal empowerment elements of the protocol process.


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BREAKING GROUND: Engaging Communities in Extractive and Infrastructure Projects

World Resources Institute(WRI), Kirk Herbertson Athena R. Ballesteros Robert Goodland Isabel Munilla

The purpose of this publication is establishing effective community engagement principles. WRI analyzed existing community engagement standards and guidance, as well as experiences in several high profile projects. The analysis revealed that key gaps remain in the knowledge base and on-the-ground application of community engagement standards.


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Meaningful Community Engagement In The Extractive Industries.

International Institute for Environment and Development, Emma Wilson, Sarah Best, Emma Blackmore and Saule Ospanova

The target audience for this paper are those who seek to understand current practice, challenges, gaps, opportunities and expectations relating to community engagement.


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Revisiting Approaches to Community Relations in Extractive Industries: Old Problems, New Avenues?


Chatham House

The report highlights key challenges for establishing more constructive relations between communities and companies in the extractive industries, and available tools and best practices to do so.


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