Guide to Community Engagement for Power Projects in Kenya

Kenya is an attractive market for power project development, supported by the Kenyan Government’s goal to achieve universal access to electricity by 2020 and an investment-friendly climate.

This guide is premised on the belief that developers and communities share mutually beneficial goals. For a developer, goals may include an efficient project development cycle leading to delivery of low-cost power and a profitable business model. For a community, goals may include appropriate mitigation for project impacts, compensation for land use, cultural protection, and/ or other forms of benefit sharing. Of course, all parties stand to gain from increased access to electricity and the resulting economic boost.

Indeed, the practice of engaging communities specifically and only to meet licensing and permitting requirements, or when troubles arise, is a practice that leads to community dissatisfaction. It is an approach that can very well lead to an environment of enmity between stakeholders and developers.

Therefore, community and stakeholder engagement should be afforded the necessary human and financial resources to support long-term project objectives.


Guide to Community Engagement for Power Projects in Kenya

Author: Power Africa

Date Published: 03 Jan, 2018


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