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Maendeleo Ya Jamii Documentary 2017

This documentary highlights some of Maendeleo Ya Jamii's(MYJ) acclaimed work in bringing key stakeholders together to address issues emerging from Uganda's…


Yemi Alade in Daraja 50 Nights in Kenya Shell…

Girl empowerment through education. Giving Kenyan girls hope of a brighter future through the GravityLight Initiative by Shell


Yemi Alade in Korogocho 50 Nights in Kenya…

Superstar Yemi Alade joins the 50 Nights in Kenya tour.


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Fast Growing Mining Industry in…

Kenya’s mineral resources are beginning to attract foreign investors into the country. Among them, is Base Titanium Resources in Kwale County, the largest…

Gold Mine That is the mining Sector

Kenya is sitting on a gold mine and that is the mining sector. A geological survey reports that Kenya has presence of at least 20 minerals but only a few…

Kwale County Official Documentary

The Kwale County Government take us through the extractives industry in its jurisdiction, highlighting opportunities within the value chain.

Oil Deposits in Kerio Valley

Eyes are now on the speed of construction of a pipeline to enable Kenya take advantage of her oil deposits. This is after the big news that Kenya has discovered…

Africa Oil in Kenya and Ethiopia

Oil deposits in African countries such as Kenya can potentially be a great business opportunity for investors and a financial boost to the local economies.

Kenya / Turkana Oil Conflict

More than two years after Kenya struck oil for the first time in Turkana. The two ethnic groups that live on either side of the oil reserves are engaging…

Kenya's Oil Boom

Kenya's oil industry has been in focus. Analysts explain the focus in Kenya's oil industry and explain its potential.

State of Oil

What is the state of Kenya's oil? This short video shows the procedure of developing Kenya's oil infrastructure in preparation for full scale production.

How Gold Mining Works

Ever wonder how people mined for gold? Have no fear! You can use a pan, a large drill, and even explosives! Anthony did some digging and found out many…

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