Guide to Community Engagement for Power Projects in Kenya

Guide to Community Engagement for Power Projects in Kenya
Image Source: Power Africa

The ​Guide is designed as an actionable tool for developers of electricity generation and transmission infrastructure which outlines best practices for the kind of inclusive and effective engagement needed to create positive outcomes for companies and communities alike.   
Developed with input from local communities, government agencies, private sector developers, finance institutions, and Kenyan and international civil society organizations, the ​Guide ​ features real-world examples from the Kenyan legal, political and cultural contexts.

While Kenya has a dynamic, private sector-driven power industry with many new projects in the pipeline, community concerns and resistance have hindered projects in the past, so the ​Guide ​ also provides tips on what community engagement activities have worked well for infrastructure developers, at each project stage, as well as what to avoid.

While the ​Guide ​ is customized to reflect country-specific laws, customs, and institutions that developers in Kenya must navigate, the Guide’s core principles and methodologies can be used to create a step-by-step action plan for other countries and other industries.  Said Robert F. Godec, U.S. Ambassador to Kenya, “This ​Guide to Community Engagement for Power Projects in Kenya ​ is a critical addition to the Power Africa partnership.  It is designed to advise power project developers on the most meaningful and empowering approaches to community engagement, and to help deliver reliable electricity in a way that values Kenyan law, Kenyan cultures, and, most importantly, Kenyan people.” 
“The Government of Kenya supports all efforts to develop electricity infrastructure in a way that respects the values and traditions of our country’s diverse communities,” affirmed Hon. Charles Keter, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum. “This guide from Power Africa is a comprehensive and practical tool that will help developers foster inclusive and mutually beneficial relationships with communities across Kenya, and ultimately help us reach our shared goals of Universal Electricity Access.”

Source: Power Africa

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