Tanzania Oil & Gas Congress

Tanzania Oil & Gas Congress

CWC Group is delighted to announce the first annual Tanzania Oil & Gas Congress, taking place from 11 – 12 September 2017 at the Hyatt Regency, The Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Hon Sospeter M. Muhongo (MP), Minister for Energy and Minerals, United Republic of Tanzania will officially open the Congress and deliver the Ministerial Address on the plans and priorities for the Energy sector and share new opportunities for investment and partnerships.

Key Topics Include

 - Government short-medium term plans and priorities for the energy sector

 - Increasing Government and Industry collaboration to drive the industry forward

 - Uganda – Tanzania Crude Oil Pipeline: Showcasing business opportunities available

 - What plans are in place to implement the Gas Masterplan?

 - What are the plans and strategies for gas monetisation?

 - Reviewing regional partnerships: Mozambique, Zanzibar, Uganda, Kenya

 - How can the potentials of industrialisation be unlocked through increased energy supply?

 - Plans to progress the LNG project

 - Developing a roadmap for sustainable domestic capacity development: examining the gaps, reviewing international best practice & realising the most value

 - Creating an enabling environment of investors and outlining current and new opportunities for investment

 - Streamlining cross-governmental processes to increase efficiency

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Event Name: Tanzania Oil & Gas Congress

Event Date: 11 September, 2017

Event Time: 08:00 am

End of Event Date: 12 September, 2017

End of Event Time: 17:00 pm

Duration of the event: 2 Day

Event Location: Hyatt Regency, The Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam Tanzania


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